We are committed to the personal & professional development of the members of our Six Nations. Our goal is to help our nations and their members to realize and maximize their potential. 

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Welcome to SIAFN! 

Job creation has real tangible benefits, not only for those who are employed, but also for the communities they represent. Our goal is to work with members of our Six First Nations, helping them develop new skills through our training programs and opportunities, and overall assisting them to secure employment with one of our trusted partners.  

We want to empower our people to live healthy and productive lives.

Our Values

Success for our Nations

Integrity in service with a unified vision

Accountability to Nations & Partners

Foresight and fairness as a collective

Nurturing and fostering healthy relationships

Having a job
is more than just work.
Benefits of securing employment

  • Increase financial security
  • Key to good physical and mental health
  • Contribute to your community
  • Develop talents, skills and capacities
  • Create opportunities for yourself and your family
  • Sense of accomplishment and belonging
  • Sense of pride
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