Lotti Rain

Lotti's Story

"I was fortunate enough to have the Paul First Nation ASETS Program provide me with funding to attend at the Security Officer Career College (SOCC) for the Basic Security Training course which I successfully completed and obtained my temporary security license.  I applied for employment as a security guard to security companies.  Unfortunately, I didn't receive a phone call from any security companies for four months.  Those four months were what seemed like lifetime to me.  I eventually received my permanent security license in the mail after two months of waiting but still no phone call for a job.  I was about to give up until finally one day it was like luck was on my side and everything seemed to fall into place when I got a call from United Protection Services for an interview. The next day after my interview I was called again for a uniform fitting, when my fitting was completed I was told I would be going out to work the next day. I've been employed with UPS since January 2012, it is now April 2013. I am very thankful to PFN ASETS Program for the support I received with funding for my security training, I wouldn't have my job or I wouldn't be independent today if it weren't for their support."